Buy Luxembourgish Passport Online | Order Luxembourg Passport

Buy Luxembourgish Passport Online | Order Luxembourg Passport

A Luxembourgish passport is an international travel document issued to nationals of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and may also serve as proof of Luxembourgish citizenship. Apply for a high-qualitative Biometric Luxembourgish Passport with RFID chip inside containing all the personal data of the passport holder. Buy Luxembourgish Passport Online.

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A Luxembourgish passport is an international travel document issued to nationals of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and may also serve as proof of Luxembourgish citizenship. Besides enabling the bearer to travel internationally and serving as indication of Luxembourgish citizenship, the passport facilitates the process of securing assistance from Luxembourgish consular officials abroad or other European Union member states in case a Luxembourgish consular is absent, if needed.

Biometric passports, also called e-Passports have an embedded microchip that contains the same personal information that is on the colour.

Luxembourgish biometric passports are valid for five years for bearers aged four and over, and valid for 2 years for children under four. Every Luxembourgish citizen is also a citizen of the European Union. The passport, along with the national identity card allows for freedom of movement in any of the states of the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

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